In Waves

by Jerzy Jung

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This song goes out to everyone who is still rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy - and to anyone who knows how it feels to lose a home.

It's a free download, but if you're financially able, please consider donating to the Musicians on a Mission Hurricane Relief Fund.

Here's the link:

Most of the money from this fund has gone towards gift cards for local musicians and/or members of the NJ music scene who had damages and loss after Hurricane Sandy. We also recently donated to help a local food pantry restock its shelves. We keep getting news of more needs, so we want to keep this fund going. It takes a LONG time to recover from a hurricane.

If you're low on cash, another way to help out is to share the link with a bunch of your friends. It's easy to think that small actions like that don't matter - but they do.

Thanks for whatever you can do!


The ferris wheel is empty
The lights have all gone out
The streets have all been swallowed
by the sea that you loved
Home is where your heart is
It stayed but paid the flood
So now it's still there sinking
and it hurts so much

You're weighed down
but wait this out
till you're stronger than before

There's no one easy answer
no well-worn way to go
But I'll hold your hand to tell you
cause this is all I know
that every broken dreamer
one time had to learn
that sometimes bad things happen
that you don't
that you don't deserve

But wade out
Wade out
till you're stronger than before

Love is for giving
Give till you're saved
Love, this is living
It comes in waves

Then you wade out
Way out
till you're stronger than before
Oh, there's a way out
So wade out
till you're stronger than before

Till you're stronger than
Till you're stronger than
Till you're stronger than before


released April 19, 2013
Music, lyrics, piano, + vocals: Jerzy Jung

Production, mixing, mastering + vocals: Rich Genoval

Acoustic guitar + vocals: Michael Askin

Vocals: Cat London, Chloe Warlick, William Warlick



all rights reserved


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